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1000mg CBD Spray Isolate

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1000 mg CBD Oral Spray  (1oz | 30mL)

1% Organic Hemp Seed Oil and 99% Pure, Isolated CBD enhanced with D-Limonene Terpenes. 

6 Sprays of this CBD oil will deliver 30.9 mg of CBD. Nano sized particles quickly rush through your body for 100% bioavailability, when taken sublingually, and will cross the blood brain barrier. Because of the purity of this oil, it may be used in food and drinks and also topically on the skin to provide healing and relief on a cellular level.

CBD oil is an individual experience. We recommend starting with a low dose and then gradually increasing until you find what works for you. 

Free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, this is whole plant in a bottle.

All Hemp Grown with Organic Practices in Kentucky and manufactured in Coconut Creek, FL, under the supervision of the FDA and the Dept. of Agriculture. 

**Please note the cannabinoids in this formula. Industrial hemp is grown high in CBD and CBDV and with trace amounts of THC.  CBDV is cannabinoid known for its anti-convulsant properties, & THCA is a non intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant that will NOT get you high.