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Inflammation and Your Body

Aug 15th 2018

It affects so many people every day, every where, from minor inflammation like a sore throat to chronic inflammation such as daily pain in joints and muscles, it’s no joke.Inflammation is the body’s response to protecting itself. An inflammatory response happens due to damaged tissues, infection and wounds. Inflammation is a signal for the body to heal. However, chronic Inflammation seems to be a common factor among many auto-immune diseases.

An auto-immune disease is when the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy cells. The immune system cannot tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy organs, cells, and tissues in the body. Symptoms vary between the many different types of auto-immune diseases, which is why treating the source is best. Treatment is typically an immunosuppressive (in that the prescribed medication simply decreases the body’s immune response).

Of course there is much debate about whether or not CBD could be an alternate treatment for those suffering from auto immune diseases, so let’s take a look at CBD.

Sourced from the hemp plant and high in cannabidiol, when ingested, CBD travels through the body where it is received by the ECS. The human body was created with a system of cannabinoid receptors and they are just sitting there waiting for cannabis! I know, crazy right?? We even have our own cannabis like chemicals in our body, such as Anandamide and AG-2 which bring about the body’s natural balance, same as when we use CBD supplements, the body can now communicate and balance itself.

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants and an excellent option for anyone looking for a more natural approach to their healing, but it shouldn’t stop there. Dietary changes are always important when healing naturally. Starting the day perhaps with a smoothie made with anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries, pineapple or turmeric accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and a consultation with your health care provider is a great step towards your health success.

Why are auto-immune diseases on the rise?

Could stress and lifestyle be a factor?

In the U.S. more than 24 million people are diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and it’s affecting mostly women.

Loving yourself. Positive self talk is just as important as diet. Love your body and your body will love you back. Positive affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror with a big smile and a grateful heart will go along way too.

My Hemp Benefits has paired our CBD tinctures with limonene terpene, which is also naturally an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal plant botanical which is where the lemon flavor of our tincture sprays comes from. No additives, no sugars. Keep a clean diet and love your body.