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Community Mission

We at My Hemp Benefits feel passionately about our local communities and supporting them. There is so much we can do as individuals and as a company. So we've decided to host some local artists who also care about the community. You can purchase their art thru our website or visit their's for more info.

One of our favorite aspects about these two artists is their strive to upcycle old products. For example, taking old broken skateboards and making necklaces and key chains to support people affected by hurricanes. How many hurricanes hit Florida this year? Lots. We are excited to help feature them and we hope you enjoy their art as much as we do!

Let's introduce you to Thomas and Yolanda from Broke Deck Creations!



Thomas and Yolanda's artwork has inspired each other for the foundations of the relationship. Falling in love with craftsmanship and the quality of each other's work, they quickly decided to start collaborating on projects. Thomas is able to use wood and other materials as his foundation, and Yolanda uses metal fabrication and jewelry-making skill for the foundation of her creations. They got married, and after Yolanda's graduation at the Academy of Art University, they moved back to Thomas' hometown of Gainesville, Florida, and set up shop as TlukePart and Yolanda C. Studio

Thomas had found inspiration to create goggles one day when he was helping Yolanda in her studio. He came across a pair of welding goggles which had a unique steampunk style, though they were made of plastic. Thomas started to think, with all the plastic produced in this world, it has hurt our environment and brought down the craftsmanship and quality of the products we acquire. He had already been utilizing broken skateboards to create art, jewelry, and various products; so why not create a pair of goggles with the quality and craftsmanship of his own hands and make something of beauty out of the discarded remains of broken skateboards? Yolanda has been working on a project of her own called Box Fetish. Thomas had seen the way she was creating the hinges and clips for her boxes and decided to ask Yolanda to make hinges, clips, and buckles for the goggles. 



Helping Your Health Program

We have also decided to start a Helping Your Health Program for people who need our products and cannot fully afford them. If you find yourself in this place - maybe your are on a fixed income or you know someone who needs our products - please fill out our Contact Us page with why and we'd be glad to start a conversation on how we can help!